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Steps to having a beef processed:

IMPORTANT!!  Please do not bring animals over 1500 pounds.  

We will not accept animals that are too large for our facility.

1.  Call us at 720-215-0226 or 303-769-4544 to set up a butcher date.

2.  After you have your butcher date, call the brand inspector for your area to schedule a time for them to come out, do a brand inspection and give you a "Bill of Sale" that you deliver to us with your animal.  This certificate is only good for 10 days.  Please use the link below to find the Colorado Brand Inspector for your area.  We will also need you to complete the Beef Ambulatory Statement when you drop off your beef.

3.  Drop off your animal with the Brand Inspection and completedCut Sheets.  You can pick up Cut Sheets at the locker, print or download one from this website, submit your order online on this page, or call in your cutting order (303-769-4544).  If you are selling shares to your customers, please have them submit their orders by the day the animal is dropped off.  Your beef will age for a standard 12-14 days unless otherwise requested so you have some time before we need to have your cut sheet.  Please note that orders for Quarter Beef must have the same size cuts (steak thickness and roast size) to allow for equal shares.  

4.  After we process your beef, we will call you to let you know that your beef is ready and to let you know the amount due for processing.  Cash or checks are preferred as we have to add a 4% processing fee to process a debit or credit card.  You have up to a couple of weeks to pick up and pay for your order.

5.  Grill and enjoy your beef.


How much Beef will I bring home?

The above chart is helpful when figuring out how much space you're going to need in your freezer when your beef is ready.  Generally speaking, a beef Carcass (or Hanging Weight) is 60-62%% of the Live Weight, and the Packaged Weight is 65-70% of the Hanging Weight.  We will provide the Hanging Weight for you as soon as we have it ready.  


Yield Analysis for Beef, Pork, and Lamb

Penn State created this great breakdown of yields for Beef, Pork, and Lamb.  Click below to follow the link.

Beef Cut Sheet


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Phone Number*


Beef Dropped off By*

Choose Beef Share*
T-Bone Steaks OR Filets and New York Steaks*

T-Bone Steaks OR Fillets and New York Steaks*

Round Steaks*

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Minute Steaks*

Sirloin Steak*

Sirloin Tip*

Rib Loin*

Prime Rib Roast*

Rib Steak*

Beef Roast*

Stew Meat*
Neck Soup Bones*
Flank Steak*
Brisket Roast*


Please complete a cut sheet for your beef to let us know how you would like your beef cut.  You can complete this online questionnaire, download a cut sheet to print and email to others using the "Download Beef Cut Sheet" button above, or call in your order.  If you have questions, please give us a call.  We're happy to discuss cuts to help you make a selection.

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